Always work under a contract and create a brief.

Get a prepay of 50% or 100% of the contract amount.

Work only with those whom you like. Don’t take projects which don’t seem to be fun or underpaid.

Solve most of the questions via emails. Resolve misunderastandings and conflict situations personally or over the phone.

Never dissapear. If you realize you can’t make it to the deadline, warn the client in advance.

Be responsible for the result with your name and money.

Social media

I use only email and Telegram for communication.

Don’t join any chat, except for work ones. Life is not eternal.

Fuck the doom scrolling. Read everything you can via RSS or email.

All notifications are off, except for the family and close friends.

Don’t comment on posts and don’t participate in discussions.

If you want to speak out, write a post in your blog or email the author in person.


Rest is as important as work. The best way to rest is sleeping.

For different kinds of task there’re different kinds of rest. Walking, joggin, yoga and workouts are the way to reboot your brain. Solitude, seclusion with nature and silence are the best ways to escape from hustle and focus on things that matter.

I decide when to work and when to rest. Sunday could be a usual working day, and Monday could be a lazy day off with series in bed.

If I don’t want to do smth, I figure out why. If smth is not needed, I don’t do it at all. If smth is not important now, I postpone it until it becomes important. If I don’t get a kick of work, I negotiate.


Care about yourself. First help yourself, then help others.

Never prove or try to persuade smb about anything.

Be honest to yourself and to people. It works most of the times.

Keep silence and bear is never an option. If I need smth I talk of it freely. If I don’t like anything I speek about it openly.

If I consider someone a friend, there’re no things that can change my attitude to this person, but his actions.

Call your parents and grandparents once a week.

Life should never daunt you. Never be daunted. It’s the secret of my success. I’ve never been daunted. Never been daunted in public.

Ernest Hemingway, 1899–1961